Those Other Women~Nicola Moriarty

A real 10/10 read for anyone whose found the self the odd one out in a mummy or non-mummy group.

This was a special buy in Aldi that I simply bought without really knowing what it was about; I’ve been reading a lot of crime novels and murder mysteries so far this year and I assumed this would be another crime novel or a “whodunnit” and left it on the shelf for “later” (mainly for when I ran out of things that I really wanted to read and needed a back-up book). Scrolling through Instagram I saw an account I recently began to follow had also purchased this book from Aldi and raves about it, so I decided that night to give it a go. I am so glad I did!
I literally devoured this book within 8 hours over two nights! I read until the early hours of the morning not caring I had to be up early to look after a highly energetic young child! This book is amazing!
It’s a tale of Us vs Them in the world I’d social media (Facebook) so mother’s vs non-mothers and is bought about from a sudden marriage breakdown and pregnancy. Friendships are formed and secret accounts set up which means a mole within the non-mother group resulting in a Mean Girls style have-it-out. I was gripped by the drama! As a mum in a social media group who has mummy friends and non-mummy friends, this is one of those books that has highly relatable subjects and covers a range of perceptions from both sides and I couldn’t empathise enough with each of the characters! The last three chapters had me bawling my eyes out! Yes it was sad, but it was also very happy and I am so exceptionally glad I picked this up! I’m intrigued to read more of Nicola Moriarty’s books in the future and feel quite excited to pick up more titles from her for my ever growing TBR pile!

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