Review Policy

Anyone who loves to read, loves to be gifted books! I’m like a kid at Christmas whenever I’m given a book and I get so excited! Especially if I’m given a book to review; I love to make notes and keep in contact with the author and give feedback on plots and characters (and try to work out mysteries!) and chat in general about the title I’ve been given. I can receive books via digital format but I really appreciate a physical copy to thumb through and display proudly when I’m allowed to show it off (nothing beats the feeling of saying “Hey look! I read this!”). I don’t, however, read to a time limit; I’m a working mum and my evenings are precious times to read to my daughter, I find pressure to read a specific book puts a dampener on the whole experience and becomes more of a chore that must be done rather than a hobby and passion I want to fuel.

I’m happy to be approached about reading and if a review is required within a minimum of two weeks I’m happy to do this, however the longer I have to read it, the more detail I can put in to my review and the more I justice I can do the title. Books will be read on a “received” order (if I am reading one book and have been asked to read another and yours is the third, it’ll be read when the other two are finished) I will always let an author know when I am about to read their book and when I am at the half way point etc. If a book is not my usual genre, I will always try my best to read through it (recently I was asked to read to review a zombie apocalypse novel; I don’t “do” zombies but I got stuck in and actually really enjoyed it! I did say to the author that it isn’t something I would pick off a shelf in a bookshop prior to reading, but I did beg for the next instalment because I enjoyed it that much!) and will always look for the good in each title. If I can’t get in to, or get to grips with a book, I will always say and I will always go back to it a few days later once I’ve had a break and start again. I’m trying to discover new adventures and genres and writing styles and reviewing really helps.

My reviews will be published here as well as on an authors Amazon page and on my Instagram when the publish date has been reached. This allows for more people to see and read and an audience to build up for the book.

At present, I do not have a specific e-mail, but I do use Instagram as my main source of social media and I am happy to talk about and arrange reviews from there. As time goes on, I will be looking to set up a specific set of contact details to publish on the site. But for now, please feel free to use the contact box for enquiries or pop Over to my social media.

Happy writing x

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