Author Post by Mac Altgelt

Inspiration. Process. Disappointment. As a debut author, I don’t mind admitting that I was slightly intimidated when asked to create a blog post covering simply a “subject of my choosing”, while to me it seemed the obvious goal must be to achieve greater visibility for my forthcoming novel.  Surely then, promotion was to be theContinue reading “Author Post by Mac Altgelt”

The Problem With Poppy~Emma Sandford

Poppy has a slight problem; she doesn’t have a single friend. She seems to frighten them off with her (physically) prickly nature, despite her really not meaning to abs trying so hard to make friends, poor Poppy is so very lonely. That it is until this little porcupine scares away a tiger cub by theContinue reading “The Problem With Poppy~Emma Sandford”

Arlington Terrace~Tracey Martin-Sommers

As you may remember, I read Martin-Sommers’ previous book, Gordon Square, not so long ago which introduced the readers to the dynamic duo of Mike and Mel, the most perfectly imperfect couple of investigators you could ever wish to read about. I loved the first book and I loved the second book! So much so,Continue reading “Arlington Terrace~Tracey Martin-Sommers”

Barty Barton:The Bear That Was Loved Too Much~Sue Wickstead

Barty Barton is Thomas’ much loved teddy bear, but as time goes by Barty becomes more tatty and worn until the day Thomas’ mum comes to the rescue and gives Barty Barton a much needed bath, fresh stuffing and some new stitching and he’s ready to go to Thomas’s own child. We watch Thomas’s motherContinue reading “Barty Barton:The Bear That Was Loved Too Much~Sue Wickstead”

John Steel;An. Insight by the Author

This is an insightful piece on the character of John Steel written by author, Stuart Field, who has been kind enough to write this for my blog. “An insight into John Steel. Here are a few things about the character This is for those who have read about John Steel before or have never heardContinue reading “John Steel;An. Insight by the Author”