The Disappeared~Sibel Hodge

For me this read is a 9.5/10

I liked this book; it was informative and well researched and also shocking. Knowing how well Sibel Hodge considers her topics and thoroughly and deeply delves in to the subject matter, I’m confident in saying I have learnt a lot about cocoa plantations and slave trade from this book.

I adored good old Uncle Charlie and of course Becky Harris being my favourite all time detective really bought a smile to my face among the serious chapters, however I didn’t click with the character of Nicole as I have with previous lead female characters in Hodge’s novels. Blade and Massa are the hands-on type of bad guys and they’re written so well that I’ll never stop hating them! Which is vital for any book with a baddie because it stays with you king after the final page has turned and adds much more depth to your emotions as a reader. I feel bad for Isabel but she was a bit of a wet blanket in my eyes- but that’s my thought and her thoughts weren’t really voiced and I think she could have had a lot of potential (but if she had stayed longer and been changed at all I don’t think the book would have had the same ending).

I adored the ending! 💖 it was beautiful and so happy and this is when I really thought “yes Nicole! So happy for you!” And I’m a sucker for a happy ending and this one had enough soppy emotion and sense to make me hope if there were to be a follow on (or a TV adaptation) we would see more of the brighter and happier future 😊

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