The Last Time I Lied ~ Riley Sager

Where to start with this one 🤔

This was a special buy from Aldi the other week and I’m glad I purchased it, however I’m not feeling 100% certain on my thoughts about the book.

For the very first and very last chapters, the author has you imagine a scenario (you awaken to sunlight… paint….you have memories etc) and there are time hops (which actually aren’t as annoying as you might think because they’re full of narrative and description as well as placed in the perfect positions between chapters) and the last chapter for me was very good and I would like a follow on about the woman in the final painting (I don’t want to give too much away!) but sometimes it did feel like a chore to sit down and read for the first 3/4 of the book. I’m glad I stuck with it but it was hard work in some places. A review by Stephen King said “if you liked Gone Girl, you’ll like this” ; I did like Gone Girl very much and found it rather clever and did have to read it twice in order for something’s to click, however, if given a choice between Last Time I Lied and re-reading Gone Girl a third time, I’d pick Gone Girl.

I think maybe I was expecting too much; the characters lacked something I can’t quite put my finger on (strength? Personality? A back story?) but I am keen to read Sanger’s other books and if there is a follow up to Emma’s story then I’d be keen to read that as the ending was very good!

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