Some Kind of Wonderful~Giovanna Fletcher

I picked up this book in an Aldi special buy months ago, and begun reading it a few weeks after placing it on my book trolley. I did enjoy it, but as my own personal life took a total turn in the opposite direction I was used to, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on reading a romance novel, but I stuck to it and I can safely say I’m glad I did, because it’s not really a romance novel but more a “picking-yourself-up-after-romance-has-ended” type of novel and it turns out that’s exactly what I needed at that moment.

Some Kind of Wonderful starts with Lizzy eagerly awaiting a proposal from Ian (the boyfriend of 10 years) who goes to propose but ends up drunkenly waving a ring in her face while dumping her on the last night of their holiday. So obviously, heart broken Lizzy returns to their flat, grabs what she can and returns to her childhood home and attempts to piece her life back together and learn who she is. Lizzy also has to contend with her heavily pregnant and hormonal sister, a revelation from her dad, a new job opportunity as well as a perspective suitor and life-long single mate becoming one of those settled types of loved-up people.

Sounds like she has a lot on her plate, but Lizzy bosses it and discovers what she wants from life and takes herself off on an adventure of a lifetime instead; we don’t see this adventure as the book ends but the epilogue on the last page show us Lizzy returning and walking back in to her life.

I would have loved a longer epilogue where we learn a few of the life lessons Lizzy has faced, but I suppose that could easily be a story for another day-followed by her fresh start upon her return. On the whole I did enjoy this book! I would have adored it some years ago when I was avidly reading nothing but chick-lit (Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella being my most favoured authors of light hearted fiction) and it was a nice break from the crime thrillers I’ve been hooked on this year. It actually showed me that there’s always a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel and who you were is not necessarily who you’re meant to be. I really recommend this book to anyone needing a quick read of a relatable character.

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