The Other Wife ~ Claire McGowen

Literally started reading this at 8pm Sunday and finished 11pm Tuesday! I have loved every page! The second book of Clare McGowen’s I’ve read and I actually know I’m going to read and enjoy more of her books. The best read of 2020 so far!

This also had a plot twist BUT pretty much a happy and satisfying ending and a lot different to the previous book I read (What You Did) and also a lot easier to take in.

The main focus of this book is coercive behaviour and emotional abuse (or gaslighting for a more common word) of two women in two different marriages. Obviously there’s a death (or is there?) or two but also a birth and a lot of mind-manipulation which is enough to get you wondering if this poor woman is going crazy and if she isn’t then who is doing these things; the husband, the neighbour or the wronged one night stand?

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good mystery/thriller and also to anyone who isn’t quite sure of their own understanding of coercive behaviour and control. It makes for an interesting read and leaves you with a lot of questions about the behaviours of people in your own life.

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