Pigeon-Blood Red~ Ed Duncan

When I was first approached by Kelsey at Book Publicity Services before Christmas and asked if I would like to read the first instalment of a new trilogy, I snapped up the chance without thinking twice. When the book arrived (with a lovely note from Ed Duncan-the author) I scratched my head and thought “now it’s in my hands, I’m not 100% sure if I’m the right person for this. Fast forward four days after picking up the book and reading the first page (my reading has slowed down lately) and I was sadly finished with the book and wanting more!

Pigeon-Blood Red is about an enforcer for the criminal underworld, a gambler, the loan shark he turns to, a wife, mistress, Hawaiian holiday, old college friend and an extortionately beautiful Pigeon-Blood red ruby necklace.

Rico, the enforcer, faces the wrath of his employer (the loan shark) when the necklace goes missing during a car ride with a debt-loaded gambler. Rico then has to track down and follow the gambler, his wife and mistress (both very unsuspecting) to Honolulu. The wife reunited unexpectedly with her widowed college friend and the four dine together, when the friend and husbands sordid affair is aired out in the open, Rico’s plan to obtain the necklace and return to his boss begins-and goes so very wrong.

The book follows Rico on his criminal journey as well as the journey of the wife and college friend.

Pigeon-Blood Red is very well written and often the chapters are written from the view point or direction of various characters, which can be a little confusing and caused me to double back on myself a few times, but at 203 pages, the content was perfect! The descriptions of people and places alongside the atmosphere that Duncan created and places the reader right at the centre of literally made for a fast paced and enjoyable read. I’m not usually one for the criminal underworld genre but this was so good and so hard to put down! This left me wanting to know what happens next BUT is an ideal stand alone book as well.

Frankly I can’t wait to see what Duncan comes up with next!

Author Biography

Ed Duncan was a partner at a National lawn firm in Ohio where he also penned Ohio Insurance Coverage for which he provided annual editions for over four years. He is currently working on the second instalment of his trilogy. Pigeon-Blood Red is his first novel.

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