Deep Level~Richard E Rock

Deep Level is a short tale of four unlikely friends who go on an urban adventure to explore the hidden depths of long forgotten railways and stations, only to come across a mysterious phenomenon that will change everything.

With three very likeable characters and one who is a bit so-so (I’m sure other readers will like him, but I’m a bit unsure on his thought process if I’m honest) and a highly intriguing plot, this fast-paced, quick read will literally have you wanting more and frowning at the amazing cliff hanger-because it can’t just end there. Right?!

I LOVED this book! I started and finished it within a few shorts days and it’s literally still rattling around in my head making me think of all the possibilities of what could happen next! It was such a cliff hanger! And with the atmosphere created, the book has such a creepy edge to it that literally sent shivers down my spine!

Literally a few hours after finished this book, there was a wild exploration documentary on the TV about free divers entering under ground hollows in the jungle to see where the water filled caves go- I was quite literally shouting from the sofa “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! THAT’S JUST ASKING TO BE EATEN REALLY!” Much to the annoyance of my fellow sofa-sitters.

I don’t want to say too much and give away the whole story, but each character has a back story that we get a glimpse in to as the book progresses, which leaves you with a sense of mourning for each as well as a respect (not so much for Rich though. I’m quite relieved for his family in a way. I sound like a horrible person but there’s a valid reason I promise!). And after reading the final page, my sense of adventure has been replaced with a sense of safety and I have absolutely zero temptation to explore anything underground ever! I was that freaked out!

If this was to be made in to a short film or a mini series, it would be EPIC! Because the atmosphere is electric and you’re left with so many questions after! Deep Level is a really satisfying quick-thrill ride that I highly recommend.

About the Author

Richard E Rock is a commercial script writer for radio and contributes to Viz magazine (an adult comic full of sarcasm and wit which has been around in the UK since the 70’s-highly recommend as a gift for any sarcastic and dry-humoured dad/grandad/uncle!) and spends his nights writing horror.

Richard, who experienced some pretty gnarly and ferocious nightmares that would him up at all hours, decided to use them as a creative tool and created his realm of mysteries and monsters. Now he induced these awful nightmares to inspire him.

Rock lives in Wales with his girlfriend (who rocks Paramore vibes and has some seriously enviable hair!) and their cat and enjoys heavy metal gigs (and gets excited about snow). His Instagram feed is full of book/music/film covers, travel and his unimpressed-looking cat (think Satan crossed with Salem from the 90’s Sabrina series and Grumpy Cat with a dose of sleek gorgeousness thrown in for good measure). If you like oddities and horror, this is one Insta you need to follow!

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