When Angels Fear~Polly J. Mordant

Fleeing from a violent and abusive relationship, Emma seeks refuge in Flammark, a pin-in-the-wall destination-or so she thinks. However, besides making a temporary home in the vicar’s cottage and finding herself employment with the village doctor, Emma also finds herself still feeling uneasy, and with a strange sleeping sickness taking over the town following a young girls disappearance after the death of her father, Emma soon learns all is not as it seems and she is at the epicentre of a supernatural shit-show of epic proportions. Can she and her new found friends and allies actually put a stop to the evil surrounding the village? Or will it devour them as it has done its previous victims for over a century?

I was so excited to read this book! I’ve not read many supernatural-themed titles over the last year like I had hoped, so got stuck straight in!

The first half of the book was actually a little slow on the pick-up for me-although I really enjoyed it, it was the second half of the book that really impressed me.

The characters are all very well written and the atmosphere is set perfectly throughout-even at the end, like Emma,I wasn’t sure if I had a small feeling of sadness over the death of Ben or not. Which I personally makes for a good book-I like to see some sort of humanity in these characters in order to question their moral compass (or lack of!).

I will say right away to anyone whose considering reading this title, to be cautious as there are many references to sexual assault, violence, control and self harm which some could potentially find quite triggering and does make for uncomfortable reading.

I’m really grateful for Polly J. Mordant for sending me a lovely note with a copy of her book and to Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me spot on this blog tour.

About the Author

Polly has spent years writing blogs and stories but is a newbie when it comes to penning novels. She was an English and Drama teacher with her own departments within inner city schools for many years before becoming a bookshop owner. Horror and supernatural are her favourite genres and is a big fan of Stephen King. Mordant loves her garden and husband (in that order) and has a gorgeous German Shepherd X Staffordshire Terrier named Mojo, and is a total Scrabble addict.

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