Not In My Name~Michael Coolwood

Imagine 2003 was not as you remembered. Not In My Name is a story about activist Phoebe Green and Tony Blair has held a referendum in order o decide if the UK should engage and go to war with Iraq. And the majority vote was “yes” by a mere 4% of the majority votes.

Now imagine being part of a protest where all but two of your group were arrested and later on another was violently beaten to death inside a pub. It’s a throwing thought isn’t it?

As we read more, we bare witness to Phoebe running to help a friend who is now under attack but finds he is dead before she arrives. Phoebe and another friend, Sefu, somehow manage to track down and trap one of their friends attackers and learn of the members of their group is the killer and used a sword belonging to Sefu. Phoebe and Sefu try to narrow down who it could be, and if the murder of both of their friends are linked somehow, and who will be next and when.

Not In My Name isn’t my usual sort of book, but it’ was the idea of an alternative 2003 that pulled me in. I feel like it was slow to start but by chapter three I was well and truly riveted and it really was a rollercoaster read! It’s basically one of those “who did it?” With a big underlying political theme from which you can really take something away from and really gets you thinking. So I guess you could say it’s two genres combined together to create a real gem of a read!

The ending was slightly lacking and had a feel of a closing statement from a tv drama but other than that it was one of those books I’m going to be shouting from the rooftops about whenever I get a chance!

I have a copy of one of Coolwood’s other titles (thank you Book Loving Dragon subscription box!) and can’t wait to get stuck in despite it being an alternative to my usual genre.

Author Biography

Michael Coolwood writes what is known as “feminist cosy mysteries”. His work is deeply political and his characters are driven by a desire to make the world a better place and is driven to write characters this was somewhat partly due to a respect for passionate, caring people, and somewhat partly because cuts to the health service in the UK have ensured he can barely leave the house due to his swamp of health problems. His cosy mystery series is called Democracy and Dissent and grapples with issues of the day. Coolwood has also written other titles which focus on feminist science fiction and fantasy.

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