The Happy Family~Jackie Kabler

Imagine being just 10 years old when your mum walks out the door and is never heard of again. Imagine having a life full of more downs than ups. Imagine finally getting your life on track and having gentle waters to navigate when thirty years later there’s an unexpected knock at the door and it’s your mother.

This is exactly what happens to Beth in The Happy Family. Only Beth brings her mother in to her life a lot quicker than I would, and while her mother lives with her, friends start to slowly become more and more distant, nasty and dark rumours run a wild course and odd things begin to happen in Beth’s life.

Beth seems to be a major soft touch as she lets her ex walk all over her and treat her terribly, her poor children bear witness to it. And once her mother is back in her life, Beth suddenly becomes more forgetful yet “super mum” is on hand at the drop of the hat to come to the rescue and find lost items. It’s highly suspicious and full of twists and turns and dark secrets about the past.

I know a lot of people have had mixed reviews with a few readers feeling like Kabler hasn’t kept to her usual high standard of story telling, but this being the first of her titles I have read means I had a clean slate, so to speak, with no specific expectations. I actually enjoyed it though! A few times I wanted to shake Beth and tell her to toughen up and put her foot down as well as give her dear mum a slap BUT the narrative was good and I enjoyed it! I’m eager to read more of Kabler’s titles in the future!

Author Biography

Jackie Kabler spent over half a dozen years as a GMTV news reporter covering large scale news such as the Madeline McCann disappearance, President Clinton’s impeachment trial, the Asian tsunami, the Kosovo crisis, famine in Ethiopia, the Athens Olympics, and the Soham murders. 2008 saw Jackie leave GMTV to become a freelance reporter and worked as a media trainer and in media simulation – in particular with the armed forces – and produced, wrote and presented corporate and promotional films. January 2013 saw Jackie joining the UK’s biggest shopping channel, QVC, as a presenter.

In 2015 Kabler published the first instalments the Cora Baxter Mysteries, a series of humorous murder mysteries set in a television room, and of psychological thrillers Am I Guilty? and The Perfect Couple after releasing

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