Death on the Lake~Jo Allen

DCI Jude Satterthwaite is back on book five of this incredible series by Jo Allen. I read the previous book (Death at Rainbow Cottage) a few months ago WITHOUT having read the previous three. I have noticed that Allen’s flow of writing and style means that you actually can read the series as stand alone books, which I actually really appreciate and love! I wanted to read the previous books but moving house, studying, new contracts etc meant I literally had no time to go off plan sadly.

So, Death on the Lake- what’s it about? Well it starts with two twins who hail from a wealthy family waking up on their family boat minus their party-going friend who spent the night with them. However soon they get themselves together enough to notice she’s floating face down in the water totally naked. It seems they quickly think up of a plan to move her body so they’re in the clear. After all Summer Raine (yes that is her name!) had a reputation as a summer worker, didn’t she?

Moving the case aside, we get to see our main character, Jude Satterthwaite making his way through his personal relationship with work partner DS Ashleigh O’Halloaran while ex girlfriend Becca tries to pull away from her new relationship with Jude’s old friend (who was known to be supplying drugs). Sounds a little bit like one of those morning daytime TV shows BUT I promise you it’s nowhere near as cringeworthy as that and makes for some very interesting reading!

Over all, Death on the Lake is a crime thriller that I have simply adored reading! And I honestly cannot wait to finally sit still for a weekend so I can enjoy the previous titles!

Allen’s work just files so well and the narrative used just fits nicely. The characters are interesting and the places (based on real locations but names changed) are described so beautifully that I can’t help but want to visit them myself despite the deaths!

About the Author

Jo Allen lives in the Lake District, which is where she has based the DCI Satterthwaite series, and began writing under the name of Jennifer Young and publishing short stories in the romance and romance suspense genres after a career in economic consultancy. 2017 saw Allen taking the plunge in to crime thriller, her personal favourite genre, and really enjoys football (being a ticket holder for Wolverhampton Wonderers) and likes cats and her Instagram feed features squirrels, cats, alpacas and nature (woman after my own heart!) and is quite possibly the most thoughtful lady I have ever spoken with and really hope to promote her books again in the future.

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