I Know Your Secret~Jess Roy


Married to a leading medical consultant, with a fabulous career, two amazing children, and a beautiful house in the suburbs of Galway City. Everything is perfect – or is it? Because Amanda hides a secret. One she has lived with for years. A secret so terrible she has no doubt it will destroy her life if ever it is revealed. And this is exactly what happens, starting with a note pinned to her car, on it just four words: I know your secret. Who knows her secret? Who does she turn to? Who does she trust? Amanda’s worst nightmare has just begun.

Well WOW! Just wow! Never having read any of Jess Roy’s work before, he was a totally new author to me and I’ve really been missing out! The characters had their moments where they weren’t particularly strong or interesting, and it felt like they were keeping things buried a lot of the time, but over all they were pretty likeable. I felt for Amanda-secrets are hard to keep when they could derail your life BUT the discovery of a note like that would put anyone in to turmoil!

I Know Your Secret is well written, suspense in the right places despite it having time hops, and it just works. It was intriguing and a real page turner! I think over winter break from work I’ll be reading Roy’s previous novels for sure!

Author Biography.

Jess Roy has writing all of his life and holds an M.Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. However, not really had the confidence, or focus, to pursue it properly until relatively recently. So when he’s not typing away, Roy is an employee of the Irish police, An Garda Síochána. Since 2014 and has also written six novels, three published by Bookouture. More recently, I Know Your Secret was published by Question Mark Press in November 2021. He enjoys playing guitar, writing the odd ditty, and singing American country songs.

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