Alias Emma~Ava Glass

Emma Makepeace is about to have the longest night of her life.

She’s on her first major operation with a shadowy government organisation known only as ‘the Agency’, assigned to track down and save an innocent man wanted by the Russian government.

All Emma has to do is bring him in to MI6 before sunrise, and before an assassination team gets to him first.

But the Russians have hacked the city’s CCTV cameras. There are spies all over London searching for the two of them. And her target, Michael Primalov, doesn’t want to be rescued.

As London sleeps, a battle is taking place on its streets as Emma fights to keep Michael alive.

But what sort of reception awaits them if and when they get to MI6?

And why do the Russians seem to be ahead of them every step of the way?

WHAT A BOOK!!!!! Alias Emma has been described as Killing Eve crossed with James Bond by other writers and, despite not having watched Killing Eve (please don’t come after me with pitchforks) I can whole heartedly say this is one of the best reads of the year for me!

Firstly a female spy!!!!! Got to love the girl power here-especially as Emma was in the Armed Forces and caught the eyes of important people simply by doing her job and being a clever and fast thinking woman. Secondly a really likeable mentor who backed Emma 100% and then thirdly; a smart and caring man who needed saving from the bad guys.

I don’t know London well but the places described and the routes were written in a way that made me feel I was going along on the race against time with Emma and Michael. Filled with suspense and the back stories were written in so well that there was no confusion with the time hops either.

Alias Emma is the first in a series of novels for Ava Glass and I really can’t wait to read the next one!

Author Bio.

Ava Glass is a pseudonym for an internationally bestselling author who has sold over two and a half million copies of her books worldwide. They have been translated into 25 languages and have been bestsellers in multiple countries. By concealing her true identity, she is hoping to reach an entirely new set of readers with Alias Emma. Glass originally worked as a crime reporter and civil servant. Her time working for the government introduced her to the world of spies, and she’s been fascinated by them ever since. She lives in the south of England.

I was given a free copy of Alias Emma via the Motherload Book Club, who worked in partnership with Cornerstone (Penguin Books) to give away 10 copies to club members.

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