The Secret Of Cold Hill ~ Peter James

I’d give this book an 8/10 and this is why; I devoured it in just three days and was intrigued right from the start, however the ending seriously lacked for me. It became very confusing and very infuriating toward the end. Several thoughts went through my mind and they included Jason going mad by making visits to people and having visits from people that no one remembers or would have been impossible. And then I considered the possibility of Jason and Emily being a part of the spirit community for longer than originally thought.

Truth is, the more I think about the more confused I get. Why would the priests come to the house for a cleansing if they died abroad and were nothing to do with the house itself? Is it the entire village that’s actually a ghost town? The female police officer during their call-put told Jason she and her husband had two paintings of his which reminded her of her own King Charles Cavalier and then later a different female police officer says the same thing but Jason does not question this?

I will read more books by Peter James in the future but this one had an ending that felt dissatisfying to me. Well written and good characters and a nice flow and style of writing but not the climatic ending I had hoped for.

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