The Woman In Black~Susan Hill

Well what do I say? Where do I begin? I have literally just closed the pages of this book and have taken a complete U-Turn of my thoughts and opinions! This is the final read of the Read By Spooktober challenge over on Instagram and it was one epic ending! I picked up this bookContinue reading “The Woman In Black~Susan Hill”

The Haunting of Hill House~Shirley Jackson

I’m not sure where to start with this one! Back in the 90’s I watched the film The Haunting (with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson) and at the time it really spooked me (I was barely a teenager and afraid of my own shadow so dumb move watching it really!) then many years later, NetflixContinue reading “The Haunting of Hill House~Shirley Jackson”

The Secret Of Cold Hill ~ Peter James

I’d give this book an 8/10 and this is why; I devoured it in just three days and was intrigued right from the start, however the ending seriously lacked for me. It became very confusing and very infuriating toward the end. Several thoughts went through my mind and they included Jason going mad by makingContinue reading “The Secret Of Cold Hill ~ Peter James”