The Body In The Marsh ~ Nick Louth

Started strongly and finished impeccably BUT it was the middle that lacked for me; when Elizabeth Knight goes missing and appears to have been murdered by her husband, who disappears off the face of the earth, it’s up to DCI Craig Gillard to hunt down the truth. The middle of the book is where the leads go quiet, with the exception of a European drive around in an attempt to search for their perpetrator, the story shifts on to “inside” crimes involving a fellow high ranking officer before going back to the main investigation.

The final chapter is where it all ties together nicely and I felt glad I stuck with the book and really enjoyed the ending and seeing the why and how explained.

I’m not sure if the reason I almost gave up on this book numerous time’s (and the lengthy three week period it took for me to read) was down to the slow middle section of the book, the reading slump I appeared to develop or a mixture of the two. It was a very complicated plot but would make for an appealing mini-series so long as the leads stayed hot and not so drawn out. As I said; the ending was frankly brilliant and I enjoyed how it all came together. So I’ll giving this one an 8/10. I have two more novels by Louth to read but next I’ll be going to one of my newly found favourites to get me back in to the swing before trying this author again.

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