Duplicity ~ Sibel Hodge

I really enjoyed this book. I was reading it thinking I had it all worked out, but every few chapters there was a twist or turn that saw me change my mind all over again.

So the plot is a newly married couple come home from eloping and suddenly one becomes a widow, but is the widow all they seem? And of course who did it? This is the first of Hodge’s books I picked up and loved DD Carter immediately! And the layout and style of writing had me hook, line and sinker; the book starts from and is mostly from Carter’s point of view and then we get chapters written from Alissa and the occasional chapter from the mysterious third party (or fourth?) which I really liked as it gave you a broader picture of those involved and the reasonings behind it all.
If you like a crime novel that you can’t put down and like having your “Eureka I’ve got it!” Moments thrown back in your face then this would be a good read for you!

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