Their Last Breath ~ Sibel Hodge

The final (or is it??) book following DC Warren Carter ❤️ This instalment saw him investigating an illegal egg donation clinic and human trafficking among side murder and cover-up’s.
And I LOVED it!!! The last instalment I managed to sort through the plot pretty quickly but still thoroughly enjoyed. This time I didn’t get it quite so right or quite so quickly but I still really enjoyed it and I find having the story unfold from three different view points actually makes it clearer and easier to take in (some mystery novels literally need reading two or three times to fully understand parts, I find). Another cracking crime novel from Sibel Hodge and I can’t wait to read her stand-alone books.
I’m glad a certain person will get their comeuppance BUT I am sad that they lost the one thing they wanted more than anything (but I think that had I have read this a few years ago, I wouldn’t have felt so sad about that particular part)

I highly recommend anyone looking for a crime novel that has some office humour and conspiracies to read these books 📚

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