Dark Shadows ~ Sibel Hodge

“Two suicides.One horrifying accident.Each involving a university student.The police don’t think it’s a coincidence. They just can’t prove it.” She’s only gone and bloody well done it again!! Dark Shadows is the latest crime novel wrapped around one the biggest conspiracy theories, from the tremendously talented Sibel Hodge and the first stand-alone Becky Harris novel (and I’m hoping not the only one!). I was so lucky to be gifted a digital copy shortly before general release by Sibel in exchange for feedback and I was so thrilled! I have loved Hodge’s writing style from the very book of hers I picked up and have been an avid reader of hers ever since!

When I first began to read this, I thought along the same lines of the boss man; cult. Then as more characters came in to play I understood the actual science behind the mysteries of St Albans university tragedies. I was GRIPPED once again! My favourite thing about Hodge’s writing style is how the chapters are from the point of view from the characters and as you only hear from the relevant people and the relevant and key time’s, there’s no overload of information fuelled imagination; yes you do tend to wonder off and follow different trains of thought, but you’re never left to wonder aimlessly and far from the core and heart of the story. The last few chapters really stuck with me during this difficult time and has piqued my interest and left my ears pricked up ready to hear more. Everyone needs to read this book. Right now. It’s the best decision.
Another 10/10 read!! If this gets made in to a series or film, I bagsy the role of Becky! 🤣🖐

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