Beneath The Surface ~ Sibel Hodge

Yep, another 10/10 read from the ever talented Sibel Hodge; extremely thought provoking and stays with you long after you’ve turned the very last page.

This isn’t at all like the previous novels of hers I’ve read (Dark Shadows being the latest release) which I fondly nickname Becky Books and Carter Books (if you know, you know 😎) as this time around the style of the chapters is slightly different; it’s from the same view point with the exception of a few text messages between two bad guys whose identities aren’t revealed until the last moment.

The direction starts of as a murder/suicide and an investigation by a journalist with the beginnings of an alcohol dependency issue which becomes a dark and twisted conspiracy which sees those close to her places in great jeopardy. It’s dark and saddening, as any good murder mystery is, but the ending is beautifully just.

However the subject of the book is one that is close to me personally as a person who takes medication for their mental health. It was an eye opener and did have me thinking about what I willingly put in my body (which is no bad thing)and while this plot may have had the anxious person in me quivering in the corner and being overly cautious had I read it a few years ago, I actually found it a refreshing read; I’ve read countless murder mysteries and conspiracy novels over the years but this is one subject I’ve never given a great deal of though on. I was glad to read this and go on Holly Gold’s investigative journey with her and experience the highs and lows of her discoveries and mourned her losses and rejoiced in her happy ending.

Well worth a read!

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