Bill and Ben Meet Banana Blake ~ Bunty-Marie Williams

I am so IN LOVE with this cute little book 💖 📖

This story follows two very cheeky and very naughty little dogs, Bill and Ben, as they decide what mischief to get get up that day; stealing Banana Blake from the neighbours bed and pulling out his stuffing! 😱 luckily, mid-steal, their only is foiled and they’re chased (rightly so) from the house and they leg back home. Not long later, Bunty and Cousin Marshall knock on the door and explain what happened. Obviously Bill and Ben’s human-mum says they’re angels and would do no such thing (if only she knew!) and tells Bunty and Marshall off, leaving them both very cross on their return home 🏡

This was written by a lovely little girl who has Golden Har Syndrome, ASD, PDA and SPD; all of which are physically limiting and painful as well as emotionally over whelming and at times frightening for her 💖

This book will set you back less than £5 with delivery from Amazon 📦 but I implore everyone to have a copy (whether it’s for a child or yourself) because not only are the illustrations superb BUT if you’re having one of those I-can’t-do-it days, you can simply realise that YES YOU CAN simply by looking at this book 🥰

I give this adorable read 10/10 ✅

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