My Lovely Wife ~ Samantha Downing

Anyone who loves a plot twist that’s big enough to have you literally unable to sit still while you read then this is for you!!!

It starts with a regular husband and wife living in a regular house with two regular children but takes a sinister turn and suddenly Mr & Mrs Regular become Mr & Mrs Murder-For-Fun (?!) but soon find they are each involved in the others game of cat and mouse.

At first I thought it was all down to the husband and the wife wanting to support, love and please him by going along with a simply irregular, dangerous and crazy plan to keep their marriage exciting. But soon I found that it wasn’t the wife going along with the husband at all.

Twists and turns are abundant in this thrilling read? It made it on to the Richard and Judy 2019 list and, although a lot of the Amazon reviews are pretty damming, I found I couldn’t put it down!

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