The Bones Of You ~ Debbie Howells

The Bones of You is a Murder mystery I wasn’t convinced by at first, but quarter of the way through I needed to know more, half way through I thought I had it figured out, three quarters of the way through I was frustrated and wanted to know more, and finally, by the end I was in tears.

When 18yr old Rosie goes missing, it’s put down as one of those things, a “she’ll turn up” pre-uni blip. When she’s found dead all manner of skeletons are discovered by The reader as Rosie takes you on a notorious journey of heart ache, self hatred and sheer torture which ultimately leads you to her killer and then on to her happiness.

I’m glad I stuck with this book as my last few choices of (physical and not kindle) books have been a bit of sluggish struggle but hopefully this means I’ll be back on to the winning streak of good reads!

This one to read for anyone who needs a crime with a truth that totally blindsides them. If Debbie Howells’ other novels are written in a similar format then I’ll be looking forward to reading more of her books.

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