Dear Evan Hansen

I liked this book in general and it was a good read BUT the scenarios and characters could be really frustrating! They’re mostly teenagers so that’s to be expected I guess! But the whole time I read it I was wishing Evan and Connors social and communication skills were more confident and clear- that would have avoided a lot of tricky situations but then again if they did that there wouldn’t be a book! Originally a stage production and turned in to a book I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before it’s a film. Not sure I’d be first in line to see it but I’ve heard good things about the musical.

As well as frustrating at times, it was also raw and emotional. I found myself really feeling sympathy for Connor’s family as well as for Evan; both misunderstood teenagers who feel alone in their worlds. It made my heart hurt to read about Connors parents, especially his mothers attempts to build a rapport with a Connor which was based on a purely fictitious friendship.

Fans of the stage show may or may not like this book (not like when you watch the film first and find the narrative of the book lacking and vice versa) BUT 13 Reasons Why fans will enjoy

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