The Baby Trap~Sibel Hodge

The first books I read from Hodge were Murder mysteries and crime thrillers so for me this was a total change of genre and pace as well as writing style.

The book flowed well and was full of humour and light hearted for the most part despite the underlying theme being infertility (a heart ache for many unfortunately). The narrative was good and I loved the various characters (the hippy, the evil stepmother, the loving dad, and the ever loving, humour-filled and sensitive husband).

I laughed and I felt misty-eyed, I empathised and I yearned for Gina’s end goal. I was so excited for their trip of a lifetime and wriggled with utter glee on the last few pages.

This book was so well written and clearly a personal touch contributed deeply to the characters narrative and journey.

Overall I really enjoyed it. It was a real shift from what I’m used to from Hodge being one of her earlier titles, but I’m really enjoying exploring her earlier stuff just as much as her latest thrillers!

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