Anatomy of a Crime~Sibel Hodge

Anatomy of a Crime is the latest title from the crimeariffic author Sibel Hodge and it has totally blown its genre out of the water! I was so excited and more than happy to Beta Read this title and (extremely) ecstatic to see my name at the end! Living the book lovers dream right now!

Written as podcast format with interviews from those around the case in question, we also have a few first-person narratives and perpetrator-narratives in between which are written in Hodge’s usual and descriptive style adding more of an atmosphere and draw to the characters and the story. A totally new format to me and it really does work well!

The podcast is created by Lauren Taylor who uses this series to cover what appears to be a ritualistic murder in 2017 in Blackleaf Forest. Doesn’t sound like much right now, but Lauren’s gut soon tells her that all is not what it seems and she ruffles a few feathers along the way, and that’s when the more disturbing details and truths are uncovered along with local gossip and legends. This is a book that will stay with you each time to close it for the night- I certainly felt for the character of Caris and the twists and turns are frankly riveting.

I just love how Hodge has experimented with this format and really hope we have another instalment from Lauren in the future!

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