Fashion, Lies and Murder~Sibel Hodge

I’ve been an avid reader of Sibel Hodge’s latest works for a while now, and decided I’d go to the very beginning of her writing journey and work my way through all her titles. This is very different from her latest works and here’s why; this title/series (this is first of four Amber Fox adventures) is entirely made up of calamity and humour along with crime solving.

Amber is clumsy, sarcastic, has two gorgeous men lusting after her attentions and a slim waist despite her addiction to all things chocolate (don’t you just love/hate her already?!) in this first instalment of her escapades, we discover Amber was kicked out of the police force after an unfortunate (it was it well deserved?) shooting incident and is now working for her ex fiancé as a claims investigator in his insurance company. She has a gorgeous boyfriend (where for art thou Romeo?) and a cat who seems to match her sarcasm. Her first job within her more role is to snoop and find evidence of a lie within a personal injury claim, a motor theft and bug an office of a well known fashion designer. Little does she know what she’s walked in to! Enter the world of Kinky Elvis, gun-wielding dodgy washing machine owners, the most comical and clumsy mob heavies and airy-fairy physics. Not to mention her brilliantly crazy dad!

I’ll admit that at first it felt a slightly juvenile read in comparison with Hodge’s latest title (Anatomy of a Crime) and the language came across as very Americanised at times BUT it turned out to be the hilarious read I needed! I giggled and laughed my way through it and found myself relating to Amber’s clumsy ways and adoring her dear old dad and rolling my eyes at her sister!

This was well worth a read and I will be continuing with the Amber Fox series, but rather than one after the other it’ll be when I need that giggle-worthy chick-lit pick-me-up. A perfect, easy to follow quick read for a light hearted escape. Perfect for the beach or a rainy day.

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