Velvet & Me; Funny/Beautiful/Dark

Long exposure over 20seconds

A few moons ago, I hit the LIKE button on a picture belonging to Velvet Cole of Velvet Image, we had a natter on and off and out of the blue came up with most wonderful of whirlwind of ideas, and then we decided to get an indoor photo shoot organised so Velvet could work on her computer magic and explore her more creative side. For me, it was dream!

Two of my many selves

I’m not the most confident of people, and I’m not the most photogenic of people, but I’m ballsy enough (stupidly and eagerly brave enough for the non-British readers!) to give anything a go! So when I had a message one night asking how I felt about photographing with fire, my answer was sure! But only as long as my eyebrows remain intact! during our studio shoot we chatted, laughed, talked about ideas, learnt how to count slowly for long exposure shots (harder than you think with a camera involved!) and even managed to take some photos! I LOVED the time in her studio and planning an outdoor shoot (yes with fire. And smoke!) and the ideas we threw at each other.

Just a couple of crazy creatives throwing ideas and books around

I’ve witnessed Velvet’s wedding photography skills first hand and she’s even photographed my daughter when she was much younger (safe to say my daughter is a LOT more photogenic and much prettier than me!) so I felt comfortable with the whole process. Velvet was kind enough to share one of her favourite photographers/artists with me and she has now become a firm favourite of mine too. Velvets other work is just phenomenal and I’m so proud to be supporting this wickedly creative side of her and I simply can’t wait to get out and get snap happy again with her!

Artist Gemma Schiebe has recently collaborated with Velvet

Photography is an art form that is appreciated by many but also underestimated. I’ve seen so many amazing and jaw dropping portraits (of Velvet and other photographers) over the years but only now have I come to fully understand the process and the work that goes behind these incredible images. I can barely even work the camera on my phone or my computer so I really can’t even begin to imagine how deep the ocean of knowledge any photographer has! I feel very lucky being a part of Velvets project and can’t wait to see what she does next and can only hope to be involved and witness her growth in person

Velvet took some immense portraits of friend Angharad
Indoor and outdoor self portraits of Velvet Cole

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