The Colour Monster~Anna Llenas

Meet the Colour Monster; a little monster with a jumbled up whirlwind of feelings all tangled up inside of him, that is until a friend takes him by the hand and helps him sort though each of his colours and placing them in jar. These aren’t just ordinary colours though-they’re feelings! And Colour Monster needs to un-jumble them in order to understand them.

Each colour represents a feeling

I fell in love with The Colour Monster whilst at work and it’s such a beautiful story and explains feelings in a way that children can understand and visualise in their own minds, allowing them to explore their own feelings and those of the people around them in a fun and easy to digest way.

The story starts off with the Colour Monster being in a jumble of colours and emotions, his friend taking his hand and sorting the colours in to jars and exploring each colour and the feeling it represents, for example, yellow is the colour for happy like the sunshine, green is for calm like the leaves on trees and red is for anger and hot like fire. In the end, all of Colour Monsters colours/feelings are in jars on a shelf so he can see all his colours/feelings and knows what they are.

I helped my daughter make her own colour jars.

Author Biography

As a parent and an early years practitioner, The Colour Monster is a wonderful book as well as a highly supportive resource which supports emotional development with strength. It’s also useful for colour recognition and basic numeracy. I enjoyed the story as a parent and enjoyed watching the effect it had on my own child as well as those in my care. It was lovely to see and hear children using the colours to describe how they were feeling and was a joy to engage with them in their exploration and learning journey.

You can purchase The Colour Monster from a wide range of retailers now.

Author Biography

Anna Llenas was born in Barcelona. She graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with a diploma in Graphic Design. Llenas has collaborated with other authors as an illustrator. The Colour Monster picture book is her first as both author and illustrator. (Taken from the Templar Publishing website)

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