Bad Girls~Gemma Rogers

What a read! I devoured this book in two days and could not put it down! It was AMAZING! I hadn’t read much on Bad Girls or Gemma Rogers, I simple read the description sent to me by Rachel’s Reading Resources and signed myself up for a spot on the blog tour. I thought it would it would be an okay read to fill my evenings with while I leaned toward other genres, however, I was hooked and loved every page!

In Bad Girls, we meet Jess who returns to her hometown after a four year prison sentence, and for her probation period has to work in an industrial laundry company among numerous other ex-convicts. We learn that not all is as it seems, and her parole officer supplies similar looking girls to the owner of the business for his own pleasures. Sickening.

We also come across Karla, another ex-con with a secret behind her interest in Jess, and slowly her secrets unravel all the while Jess’s new found freedom is on the line.

Bad Girls is written in the first person narrative and is insanely good, my heart was racing for most of it and also broke for Jess, her family and long time friend. But toward the end, there were other characters, ones that you weren’t meant to like on first impressions, that I had really warmed to abs really felt for. This was intriguing and thrilling and also had an air of real-life relevance to it surrounding how “bent” the parole system can be. Rogers has done a truly amazing job and taking a crime, covering it up and supporting is justification in order for a good ending.

About the Author

Gemma Rogers lives in West Sussex with her husband and two daughters as well as Buster, the worlds most handsome Bull Dog (he’s a heart breaker guys!). Rogers wrote her first novel Stalker in 2019 and in 2020 released two other titles; Payback and Reckless. Bad Girls is her fourth novel and has signed with Boldwood Books to write another four books between 2021-2023.

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