Murder: It’s All In Your Head~Cynthia Hilston

Holy sh*t! Where do I begin with this?! I LOVED this book and I was utterly glued to it! I devoured this book in a day and a half and can’t stop thinking about!

I don’t quite know how to describe it exactly, but it’s a murder spree that’s been going on for a century by one relentless, dark young woman. Helen’s story takes place in 1918 and we’re witness to the horrendous sexual abuse inflicted upon her by her father, living alongside her mother’s fear and hiding. Helen learns she has the ability to slip in to her father’s body, hoping to scare him in to stopping the abuse. Eventually Helen’s story ends in tragedy (to those on the outside looking in) however she moves in to the body of another young woman and continues her life as one long and relentless killing spree that seems to have no end in sight.

We also spend time in a psychiatric hospital and get to know two chaps, Jimmy and Randy, who are victims on Helen; she’s destroyed their lives and committed murder in their bodies, however, as Helen moves in to the body of Cassie, the two patients come together and learn of their tales. They have only a short amount of time to end this evil and stop Helen continuing her deathly body-hopping.

I honestly thought that the changes in timeline and body-hopping would be too confusing and that I wouldn’t be able to get to grips with it enough to enjoy the plot, but I was so wrong! It was easy to follow and actually made the entire story flow smoothly and add to the horror of Helen’s killing spree. The emotions of each of the characters-whether they were in their own bodies or not- were so clear that you couldn’t help but feel them yourself.

Truly an immense read and one for anyones TBR pile! It would make an amazing read for a book club!

Murder: It’s All In Your Head is available to purchase now from Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Author Biography

Cynthia Hilston lives in Cleveland Ohio and is a stay at home mum to three children (Cynthia, I salute you!) and spent 20 years dipping her toes in and out of the world of Fan Fiction (haven’t we all got that guilty pleasure?) and took a step back to create her own original piece of fiction. Cynthia’s hobbies are reading, watching Supernatural (wonder if she’s Team Squirrel or Moose?) and Outlander l. She loves her orange cat and drinking wine and coffee with her friends and gazing up at the stars (obviously in between parenting like a boss and writing a literary Queen!)

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