One Night in Bear Town~Nick Jones

One Night in Bear Town is set in a small village that celebrates all things Bear, and one inhabitant in particular has such a huge love for bears, that she sadly faces school playground bullying .

Sandy Lane’s best friend is her beloved teddy bear, Berisford, and unluckily for Sandy, he is confiscated one day after a run-in from the class bully (he picks on her by saying bears are babyish and makes her the butt of his cruel sneers and jibes). That night Sandy faces bedtime alone without Berisford and cries herself to sleep.

And then, in the middle of the night, something truly magical happens; the village bear statue is alive and at her bedroom window! Along with his fellow bear friends (the school mascot being one, and Berisford being another), he invites Sandy to go with them out in to the night. On their journey together, Sandy explains about the class bully, and is reassured that never again will he pick on her.

It isn’t until the next morning when Sandy wakes up and goes to school, she learns that the bears paid her tormenter a visit in the night, and she is left alone to happily enjoy her beloved bears.

One Night in Bear Town is a sweet story of overcoming bullying, being yourself and staying true to what you believe in. It’s superbly written and beautifully illustrated by the talented Si Clark, with child appropriate language used throughout. It’s relatable and enjoyable for all ages. As a mother and an Early Years worker, this truly deserves a special place on every bookshelf and so much more.

About the Author

Nick Jones is an award-winning author originally from Bristol but now living in Congleton, Cheshire. He’s written several joke books for adults (Gagged and Bound-A Book of Puns, One-Liners and Dad Jokes is best-seller under Puns and Wordplay on Amazon UK, and two sequels soon followed) and now writes books for children, his fist being Sarah’s Shadow.

Sarah’s Shadow was first published in 2018 and won Best Children’s Picture Book in the 2018 Book Awards on international book review site Readers’ Favourite ( previously won by none other than Jim Carrey for his children’s novel). Jones also was Runner-Up in the Book Excellence Awards and received a Purple Dragonfly Book Award as one of the best picture ebooks for children aged 6+.

During the lockdown of 2020, Jones was inspired to start up a funding campaign after a local event called Bearmania pushed his imagination towards the creation of One Night in Bear Town, which was supported by local businesses in his town.

There’s a new project on the horizon to keep your eyes open for and lots of adorable Bear Town merchandise available on his website.

I’d like to thank Nick Jones and Rachel’s Reading Resources for the opportunity to review One Night in Bear Town

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