Deep Level~Richard E Rock

How can I start this review without giving too much away? It was incredible! For a rather short book (149 pages) there was a lot packed in to the pages and it didn’t disappoint! From the characters to the places, my brain was filled with an extraordinary experience!

The book starts with three female friends, Ffion, Rosalind and Syeeda, meeting in a cafe set in modern day, early morning London and having a good catch up and gossip before being met with their male friend, Richard. Each character has their own back story which we are introduced to along the way, and I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the way Richard saw the family aspect of his life, but I suppose each to their own and you never really know how you’ll feel until these moments are presented to you. But Ffion was a girl after my own heart-Welsh, food loving and a devoted mother. Syeeda and her sense of humour just creased me (her CV was hilarious!) and Rosalind with her survival instincts was the sort of woman we all need in our corner to help us fight our wars!

This foursome, who seem like the most unlikeliest of companions in a way, take a trip to discover the secrets held within the lost underground stations beneath London. They want to unearth the long forgotten depths and share them with the rest of the world, but little do they know that only one will get out alive.

The gang come across abandoned train carts and platforms as well as a sealed-up tunnel deep underground, with them suspecting that they have stumbled upon an underground station for the Victorian era’s wealthy elite when in reality they have stumbled upon something far worse.

If you want a book that isn’t going to have you yelling out WTAF (or contacting the author wanting explanations-which I did!) then this book isn’t for you. There isn’t a brilliantly and deliriously happy ending and the cliff hanger is ludicrous BUT so very good! I have been left wanting more and my own imagination has gone in to over drive with analysing various parts of the plot and the mystery of the Deep Level. This book is a stroke of genius that I couldn’t put down. I need a sequel or prequel! And quick!

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