Pluto’s in Uranus~Patrick Haylock


Dave suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Fatalism, meaning every single day, without fail, he follows his online horoscope and finds prophesy in their meanings. And as it just so happens that one day he sees the signs that he believes will lead him down the path of success. Only he’s very, very wrong and it lands him in extremely deep water.

After losing a LOT of money, Dave has no choice but to scramble it all back and in very little time. Which sees Dave box up some of his items and head to the most disastrous church sale and make a very unlikely allegiance with a rag-tag group of eclectic people.

If you fancy a book with an almost Douglas Adams type narrative, laughs, madness and piranhas then Pluto’s in Uranus is for you!

Sometimes it felt a little slow-going but just around the corner there’s always a new character or a sticky situation with hilarious results to pull you back in.

About the Author

Patrick Haylock is a globally unrecognised writer who, if you discount a school sweet pea growing competition, has won no awards whatsoever!
He was born in Enfield at a very dark time in the world.
It was 1:45 am, to be precise, and it wasn’t too long before it dawned on him.
To make something of himself he was going to need two things – the ability to tell the difference between a green onion and a scallion, and a good education.

Patrick lives with his wife in a converted Old Essex Brewery, where he claims a 6% ABV air quality inspired him to craft this nutty tale.
Although a ‘new voice’, in the literary world, those ‘in the know’ will willingly testify that his gift for imaginative storytelling is engaging, and, amusingly unique!

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