Girl A- Dan Scottow

Someone thinks they know who she is… and what she did.
But she insists it’s a mistake.
All Beth has ever wanted is a quiet life for her and her family. And that is what she has, until one evening a note is pushed through the door, with two words scrawled in menacing black ink;
Found you.
As Beth’s neatly crafted life begins to unravel, an unseen menace torments her and those she loves. But who’s behind the threats?
Somebody is out to get Beth, but do they have the right woman?
Beth faces losing everything, and there is far more at stake than just her marriage

NOT to be confused with Girl A by Abigail Dean (same title, different book all together!)

I’ll put it out there now-I wasn’t sure if I liked Beth or not and often I had eye rolling moments of “what are you doing?!Just pull yourself together!!” But on the whole characters were really likeable and relatable with a few gruesome ones thrown in for extra suspense! And Cooper the dog! My heart melts for that little fella!

Girl A was very well written, full of suspense and nightmare scenarios that are enough to make any reader feel on edge and disturbed long after the final page has been turned. I want to read it again and honestly feel that Scottow is one to watch and this being his second novel means I’m about to read his previous title!

About the Author

Growing up in Hertfordshire then moving to London in his early twenties, Scottow managed 10 years in the Big City before packing up and moving to Scotland for a more peaceful life where he works as a graphic designer while dreaming of a day when he can write full time-which I’m sure won’t be long if he continues with this immense titles!

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