Sir Lambalot~ Jude Lennon

Queen Floss wants to rid the land of dragons, giants and trolls so that her kingdom can be safe and play all day, and she sends her most loyal knight, Sir Lambalot, to remove these creatures in order to maintain a balanced and harmonious life. However, Sir Lambalot being a true knight, believes that all creatures have a misunderstood side to them, and accompanies them to Queen Floss to share their tale of misunderstood woe. Queen Floss learns that these creatures aren’t so scary after all and pose no threat, and even employs them about the castle!

Sir Lambalot is a lovely rhyming book driving home the importance of tolerance, kindness and acceptance. The pictures are beautiful and my little girl and I really enjoyed reading it together and discussing the characters.

The book is aimed at children of primary school age but my pre-schooler really adored it and followed with ease and really understood e importance of giving people a chance and being fair toward them.

This is a perfect read for any family/nursery/early years setting and I have highly recommended it to many other parents and early years workers and will continue to do so!

About the Author

Jude Lennon was a primary education teacher who now enjoys writing children’s books and is about to release a line of books for older children.

Lennon is the current Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the North West, a proud member of Team Author UK, a learning destination for the Children’s University, a Patron of Reading and a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. She works closely with the Liverpool based charity The Bobby Colleran Trust and has written two books for them.

Jude’s latest project is a collaboration with Hal’s Books on a series of books which feature an autistic main character. This series is part of the Awesome About Autism range and aims to raise awareness about Autism but also give autistic readers a character they can relate to.

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