Girl A- Abigail Dean

This book has so many varied reviews and I wanted to say it was amazing all the way through but really the best part for me was the plot twist towards the end.

Lex Gracie is Girl A-the one who escaped her family home-of-horrors which in turn set all the Gracie children free. This brave escape left her father dead and her mother in prison for the rest of her life.

The book gives us a history of what went on in the Gracie household and what took place after with time hops and glimpses in to the siblings other lives. The ending is somewhat happy but no one rides off in to the sunset with the wind in their hair, but the reader can assume some happiness will follow after the last pages.

The idea for Girl A was good. I was really looking forward to reading it, but the time hops aren’t totally clear and the chapter headings are titles the children were given after their rescue, so I expected a chapter from their point of view but that wasn’t what we were given, so sometimes I had to stop reading and look back at the previous page to see where I was in the grand scheme of things.

The plot twist at the end really got me though! I literally did not see that one coming in any way! It was pleasing to have such a psychological twist to the story and really gave Lex/Girl A a lot more depth.

I feel like this would be a good film/series (much like Haunting of Hill House is a better series than book-for me personally) and the tension would be real edge-of-your-seat stuff and would show the time hops in an easier way given the fact that there would be observed abs definitive differences. I would recommend this book but I’m not totally sure if it is worth all of the hype it received.

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