The Legacy; A Blessing and a Curse~Alison Knight

London, 1969.

James has his dreams of an easy life shattered when his aunt disinherits him, leaving her fortune to her god-daughter, Charlotte. He turns to his friend, Percy, to help him reclaim his inheritance – and to pay off his creditors. But when their plans backfire, James becomes the pawn of Percy and his criminal associates.

Charlotte is stunned when she is told of her windfall. After an attempt at cheating her out of her inheritance fails, James tries to intimidate her. But she is stronger than he thinks, having secrets of her own to guard, and sends him away with a bloody nose and no choice but to retreat for now.

Resigned, James and his spoilt, pampered girlfriend, Fliss, Percy’s sister, travel across France on a mission that promises to free James from the criminals for good. But James isn’t convinced he can trust Fliss, so he makes his own plans to start a new life.

Will James be able to get away, or will his past catch up with him? Will Charlotte’s secrets turn the legacy into a curse?

I read a previous book of Alison Knight’s this past year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so when given the opportunity to read another, I jumped at the chance to read!

The Legacy has us transported to 1969 and we meet James, Percy and Charlotte and we live their deceitful drama with them.

I felt bad that James was disinherited and favoured over Charlotte, but also felt bad for Charlotte-I’d be really uncomfortable if I had been chosen to inherit all that money and another family member had been totally over-looked for whatever reason. And an amount that vast! Really uncomfortable. I was glad Charlotte seemed to be strong enough to send James packing when he tried to sweet talk her out of the money though. But Fliss, well she’s not a favourite of mine at all! Neither is Percy.

So we’re introduced to the world of 60’s gambling and dangerous games of cat and mouse, slippery characters and vast skeletons in closets.

Legacy was gripping and well written well good characters, but not my usual era so I can’t say if it was exact in descriptions but I did enjoy it none the less.

About the Author.

Alison Knight is an avid reader and when not reading, she’s creating stories for the world to read. Mine was her first published novel, with Legacy being her second. Knight’s previously worked on writing short autobiographical pieces, women’s fiction and time travel adventures. She also runs workshops and courses-Jack of all trades!

One thought on “The Legacy; A Blessing and a Curse~Alison Knight

  1. Thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. My next book looks at what happens to Fliss, so I hope you’ll join the blog tour for that later this year. AK.

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