The Old Ducks Club~Maddie Please

What do you when you’ve lost your sparkle? Imagine, you’re single when you didn’t think you would be, you’ve lost yourself and you don’t even know who that person is staring back at you in the mirror. What do you do?

Well, you get over to Rhodes. You meet a select group of women who really aren’t your cup of tea and you get swept along in their current and go out until the wee hours of the morning dancing and drinking and become one of The Club. It’s a proper giggle! And then you meet a gorgeous Greek and start to wonder if you’re quite cut out for love again.

Because this is exactly what happens to Sophia Gregory, on the verge of being sixty and suddenly single! She didn’t realise she had totally lost sight of herself and decides a trip away is what she needs, and we follow her journey through rebellious and un-Sophie-like behaviours once she’s settled in with the Old Ducks Club who refuse to grow old gracefully (night time hot tub antics anyone?!) and watch her battle with the “should I/shouldn’t I?” Voices in her mind surrounding that hunky Theo that she simply can’t shake (not that she’s sure she wants too!).

I read this knowing it’s not my usual cup of tea but needing a refreshing and quick little read to pick me up out of my Murder mystery and true crime readathon and was pleasantly surprised that I LOVED it! I expected to enjoy it but didn’t expect to suddenly want to pick my bag and head off to Greece (as you can tell, I’m no chick-lit or Mama Mia fan!) in search of a bunch of loud and rowdy gal-pals! Maddie Please has made the most funny escapist novel anyone after the great balls-up of 2020 could ask for! Perfect!

Author Biography

Maddie Please is a former dentist who has written four novels to date, lives in rural Devon and watching box sets is a big hobby with enjoying red wine and Christmas! The Old Ducks Club is the first of a new set of novels for Boldwood Books which focuses on the hilarious love lives of slightly older women (silver vixens!)

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