Maltese Steel~Stuart Field

These is the fifth instalment of the John Steel series and having not read the previous four, I was nervous to start in case there were parts I wouldn’t understand but was so intrigued to read because I had very much enjoyed my time in Malta when I was younger so wanted to see the Island from criminal/law man eyes rather than that of an excited child!

An old colleague and friend of John Steel requires his help when his daughter, John’a goddaughter, dies in mysterious circumstances which have been all too quickly by Maltese police as a simple suicide. Upon arriving on the small island (you really can drive around it in a matter of hours!) Steel notices he is followed by a highly attractive woman, and some not-so-beautiful thugs also! But John will stop at nothing to get the answers needed to put his friends grief to rest.

I did find that there were a few parts that may have read a little more smoothly if I had read the previous four books BUT still managed to enjoy the characters and the style of writing just flowed. I really enjoyed the descriptions of surroundings and places of parts of the Island I saw and the parts I didn’t! It was a thrill-ride for sure and I’m excited to read the previous instalments!

About the Author

Stuart Field, real name Phil Syron-Jones, was born in Telford, Shropshire. He joined the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery at the age of seventeen in 1988 and went on to serve in Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Gulf. Phil retired from the army in 2010 and took a security job in Germany, where he still lives and works. Phil decided to try his hand at writing. An idea came to him and he just went with it; Steel and Shadows, his first novel, was born.

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