Hope and Sanctuary~Neet Neilson

Hope rescues intensive farming animals from slaughter among many others in her growing animal sanctuary, but finds herself struggling to make ends meet. Compounded by frequent flooding, a constant drain on her resources, as well as the risk it poses to her animals, Hope puts out a desperate plea on national television for help.

Grant Marshall comes to her rescue, but there’s a catch. He’s a farmer – and Hope loathes farmers.

Grant offers Hope everything she could ever desire for her sanctuary, leaving her with a dilemma – does she go against her morals and beliefs to accept his charity or will she accept his challenge that he can convince her that he is a compassionate man – in more ways than one?

I jumped at the chance to be on this blog tour because I love animals and I’m secretly a sucker for a little romance (don’t tell-I’ve got a reputation to uphold!) it’s a nice small read with 173 pages so perfect to quickly get lost in and then be found by reality (in my case, kids, puppies, cats and work!) it’s a lovely size book to have in your bag or by the side of the bath because it’s a nice unwind-and-chill-for-few-minutes read, I wasn’t able to read it cover to cover as quickly as I’d have liked because of being unwell and in high demand with work (supply work-when you’re needed, you’re really needed!) which is my review was up and running later in the day that normal.

Neilson wrote some likeable characters, she delved in to their histories and personalities quickly, which saved for a lot time, and when it came to pages of passion, she went right in for the kill-not so much Fifty Shades of Hope but some very heated moments that might to be a good idea to read if you’re around people and blush quite easily! They were well written and not over the top either- very much what I look for in romance novels of this calibre.

I loved Hope and ached for her losses and truly just wanted that happily ever after for her-and for Grant too. I was so pleased when Neilson decided to throw these two a lifeline and give them what they both needed after all the trauma and heartache endured. It was a lovely book and although cheesy in places, it was perfectly proportioned so as not to induce an eye roll.

About the Author

Neet has been a big fan of romance novels since she was a teen, borrowing books from her mother’s bookcase. Her love of reading laid the foundation for an interest in writing short stories, poems, songs, screenplays, stage plays and novels. Her background in nursing, lecturing and research has been invaluable when establishing a sound knowledge base for her writing, while her emotions are the driving force behind her work. Her love for animals is her greatest passion.

All royalties from Neilson’s book Hope and Sanctuary will go to Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre , registered charity number SCO36986

Big thank you to Zoe O’Farrell for arranging a spot for me on this blog tour and to Dark Edge Press for sending me a physical copy of this book.

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