The New Friends~Daniel Hurst

We all go on holiday and at some point get chatting to people in the hotel bar or plane, occasionally we may have drinks with them and very occasionally we may stay in touch for a short amount of time after we’re home. But imagine if the couple you have drinks with while abroad on holiday, and stay in touch with afterwards, actually con you out of thousands of pounds of your hard earned savings?

That is exactly what happens in Daniel Hurst’s latest book “The New Friends”. Hard-working and down to earth couple Becky and Jamie spend an evening in Spain with Phil and Mel, a couple their age who are retired and seem to have it all. Becky and Jamie feel so lucky when they return back home to England and the wonderful Phil and Mel are so eager to meet their new friends! However, Phil and Mel aren’t all they appear to be, which leaves Jamie and Becky devastated and broke with a baby on the way.

Can Jamie and Becky ever get their money back? Will the loss of all their money drive a wedge between them? Will Mel be able to give them the answers they’re so desperate for?

Each chapter is from a different narrative, which was written so well it flowed perfectly and made for easy reading and not difficult to follow at all. The twists and turns were incredible and I really felt so angered by the scam that saw Jamie and Becky lose their money and put their marriage at risk-at one point I was so enraged I didn’t think I could actually go back to the book! It’s a frightening read when you know that in this day and age nothing is really as innocent as it seems and people do fall victim to these awful scams and the consequences are truly devastating. But I persevered and read right through to the end in a matter of days! The ending was so good! I loved how it (almost) all came together!

About the Author

Daniel Hurst was born in the northwest of England, a part of the world famous for its comedians, pasties and terrible weather. He has been employed in several glamorous roles in his lifetime (his own description) including bartending, shelf stacking and procurement administration, all while based in some of the most exotic places on the planet, like Bolton, Preston and South London. Lucky Daniel.

Since following his lifelong passion for writing in 2020, he has amassed a loyal and devoted set of readers, and regularly has several books in the top 100 of the Psychological Thriller Charts on Amazon. He is currently writing the fictional 20 Minute Series alongside several standalone psychological thrillers, as well as his shopping list for Asda. His novels (but not the shopping list!) are available via Inkubator Books publishing house and can be found mostly on Amazon with some really great deals on Kindle.

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