The Cursed Tarot~Killian Wolf

Everything you’ve heard about Wonderland is wrong.

Instead of falling through the looking glass, I’ve entered a cursed world where the tarot deck has come alive, there are impossible creatures that talk, and the high seas are deadly and filled with pirates.

My name’s Soren, and I’m not innocent. But my sister is and I’ll do anything to protect her. When my final con goes wrong and I steal a golden tarot card from a fortune teller that can open portals, I’m whisked away like Alice and the white rabbit, only it’s a spider who beckons me and Tarotland makes Wonderland look like a walk in the park.

I wake up on the ship of the Devil himself who brands me a spy, trading one jail for another. He has a darkness in him that sends shivers down my spine. Still, there’s something about him that piques my curiosity.

All I want is to get back home to my sister, but the only way to do that is to get the Devil to release me, and steal the Ace of Wands, a weapon of great power inside of this world. Unfortunately, it’s being protected by the Empress’s magic, and she wants my head on a platter.

Unless I can steal the Ace of Wands, there’s no escape from this world, and I’ll never see my sister again.

When offered the chance to read an alternative spin on Alice in Wonderland, I snatched it with both hands! I LOVE Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland so much and have done since I was a little girl! However at first glance, we’ll the first several chapters actually, I couldn’t really compare the two or see any resemblance however it wasn’t so much a resemblance but more of an Easter Egg hunt (like the ones you find in DVD menus) and I picked up on little bits of other stories here and there.

The mystical spider Soren follows and has a fascination with actually gave me Charlottes Web vibes in a way! But Wolf’s angle here was clearly White Rabbit all the way! Those pesky pirates Soren literally falls in to seemed to develop in to more a more likeable bunch as time progresses! I love how characters have back stories of their own too! And those sudden whip-lash-inducing turns within the characters and their intentions are plenty!

The book was BIG, literally! I’m glad I read the digital copy because sometimes large books can be daunting at first, but the more I got in to it, the more I forgot about it’s size! I do also think as it’s part of a series of books, is there anyway it could have been condensed and made a tad shorter? As much as I loved reading Soren’s tale, I’m not sure I’ll be able to commit to following the series as books as large as this take up a LOT of time! Characters were well written and the descriptions beautiful, it was sad i a way as well; you could feel the betrayals when people you believed were on Soren’s side turned on her and showed they never were in the first place.

Author Bio

Killian Wolf is a Miami, Florida native who enjoys pirates, rum, and skulls as much as she loves writing about dark magick and sorcerers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology and a Master of Science in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy.

Killian writes books about obtaining magical powers, and stepping into other dimensions. She lives in England with her husband, a tornado of a cat, and the most timid snake you’d ever meet.

When she isn’t writing, you might find her at an Archaeological dig, rock climbing, or sipping on dark spiced rum while working on a painting.

Thank you to ZooLoo’s Book Tours for offering me this chance to read a book I’d never thought to read before.

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