The Wolf Is At Your Door~Simon Maltman

New York, 1987. Rory is a likable career thief originally from war-torn Belfast, planning out his next big score. A serial killer is murdering women in the city. But no bodies are ever found; just missing girls and cryptic plaques left on benches in Central Park. When the killer strikes too close to home, Rory becomes unhealthily obsessed with tracking him down. The cops begin to suspect Rory due to his lengthy criminal history, the press just want a sensational story, Rory’s partners in crime don’t want any heat, and the killers flourish in the chaos. “Sometimes it takes a thief to catch a killer”

What can I say?! I like a thief with a mission that’s been pushed by good. I had a bit of a soft spot for Rory-it can’t be easy living in a big and vibrant city (that never sleeps, they say) when you’ve been raised in a home country torn apart by war and death. His will for survival and energy were just amazingly well written-really pulled the reader in to be in his side. After all, thief isn’t really a likeable character but when he is a back story like this and determination to catch a killer, all can be forgiven!

Well written, well researched and well put together, Maltman has produced an excellent crime thriller worthy of rave reviews.

Author bio.

Simon Maltman is the author of novels, novellas and short stories, released with various publishers. An Amazon Bestseller from Northern Ireland he writes a range of crime fiction thrillers. A regular guest at festivals and events, he is the tour guide for Belfast Noir, and also a well known book reviewer for the likes of ITV and online journals. An established ‘Ulster Noir’ author, he also writes American-set high concept thrillers.

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