When Angels Fear~Polly J. Mordant

Fleeing from a violent and abusive relationship, Emma seeks refuge in Flammark, a pin-in-the-wall destination-or so she thinks. However, besides making a temporary home in the vicar’s cottage and finding herself employment with the village doctor, Emma also finds herself still feeling uneasy, and with a strange sleeping sickness taking over the town following aContinue reading “When Angels Fear~Polly J. Mordant”

Beneath The Fear~Sheila Rawlings.

When I was approached to read this, the write up was really intriguing; young woman sees her husband murdered in a bank robbery gone wrong and goes to a holiday home in her families much loved chosen destination (Cornwall) in order to recover after a rocky time of it. Samantha, the leading lady, finds herselfContinue reading “Beneath The Fear~Sheila Rawlings.”

One Night in Bear Town~Nick Jones

One Night in Bear Town is set in a small village that celebrates all things Bear, and one inhabitant in particular has such a huge love for bears, that she sadly faces school playground bullying . Sandy Lane’s best friend is her beloved teddy bear, Berisford, and unluckily for Sandy, he is confiscated one dayContinue reading “One Night in Bear Town~Nick Jones”

Death at Rainbow Cottage~Jo Allen

Death at Rainbow Cottage is the fourth instalment in the DCI Satterthwaite series and when I was given the opportunity to review the book, I had not read the previous three-meaning it works as a stand alone novel in a way, as anything that has occurred previously with regards to character backgrounds is recapped throughoutContinue reading “Death at Rainbow Cottage~Jo Allen”

Gordon Square~Tracy Martin-Summers

I was so excited to start reading this book and was kindly gifted a paperback copy in exchange for this review, however, it has no impact on my review or feelings about the book. The story starts when Detective Sergeant Mike Brugge and partner Detective Constable Mel Bailey have a case of a young m,Continue reading “Gordon Square~Tracy Martin-Summers”

Deep Level~Richard E Rock

Deep Level is a short tale of four unlikely friends who go on an urban adventure to explore the hidden depths of long forgotten railways and stations, only to come across a mysterious phenomenon that will change everything. With three very likeable characters and one who is a bit so-so (I’m sure other readers willContinue reading “Deep Level~Richard E Rock”

A Deep Q&A with Richard E. Rock

I was really lucky enough to grab a quick Q&A session with the author of Deep Level, Richard E. Rock, and began my grilling as soon as I finished the last page of Deep Level. Literally, I grabbed my phone and typed “WTAF?!” and went off on a tangent about the ending, and then theContinue reading “A Deep Q&A with Richard E. Rock”

Guest Post written by Ashleigh Nugent for Morelli’s Reads.

LOCKS- Beyond the Binary The growing pains of adolescence can feel like the worst of times: confusing, alienating, conflictual. In my book, LOCKS, Aeon, a sixteen-year-old mixed race boy from a leafy English suburb, finds himself in the heat of the forge. It’s 1993, and Aeon has flown to Jamaica to escape the racism ofContinue reading “Guest Post written by Ashleigh Nugent for Morelli’s Reads.”

Locks~Ashleigh Nugent

What do you get when you live in Liverpool, have a Black father and a White mother in 1993? Unrelenting racial abuse, injustice, stereotyping and a vast heritage that isn’t tapped in to. Locks gives us the character of Aeon-a 16 year old boy with parents of different colour, and his cousin Increase- his 24Continue reading “Locks~Ashleigh Nugent”