Bad Girls~Gemma Rogers

What a read! I devoured this book in two days and could not put it down! It was AMAZING! I hadn’t read much on Bad Girls or Gemma Rogers, I simple read the description sent to me by Rachel’s Reading Resources and signed myself up for a spot on the blog tour. I thought itContinue reading “Bad Girls~Gemma Rogers”

Bone China~Laura Purcell

A woeful tale of Consumption, china sets and fleeing your past. Bone China is set across two close timelines; Hester Why and Louise Pinecroft and comes together to end in one step away from a cliff. The past timeline sees how Louise Pinecroft came to Movoren House and we learn how the majority of herContinue reading “Bone China~Laura Purcell”

The Colour Monster~Anna Llenas

Meet the Colour Monster; a little monster with a jumbled up whirlwind of feelings all tangled up inside of him, that is until a friend takes him by the hand and helps him sort though each of his colours and placing them in jar. These aren’t just ordinary colours though-they’re feelings! And Colour Monster needsContinue reading “The Colour Monster~Anna Llenas”

Velvet & Me; Funny/Beautiful/Dark

A few moons ago, I hit the LIKE button on a picture belonging to Velvet Cole of Velvet Image, we had a natter on and off and out of the blue came up with most wonderful of whirlwind of ideas, and then we decided to get an indoor photo shoot organised so Velvet could workContinue reading “Velvet & Me; Funny/Beautiful/Dark”

Scavenger Art~Lexi Rees

I was sent this by the author via Rachel’s Random Reads in exchange for a review and I can certainly say that it was the most fun my daughter has had indoors for a while! Owing to poor weather, busy schedules and darker evenings, during the week we decided to work our way through theContinue reading “Scavenger Art~Lexi Rees”

The Corset~Laura Purcell

This is the second of Purcell’s novels I have read and it has certainly taken my breath away-even more so than The silent Companions did! Dorothea, or Dotty, lost her mother at young age to an illness she didn’t understand as a child. She has undertaken the charitable role of being part of a boardContinue reading “The Corset~Laura Purcell”

The Dark Chorus~Ashley Meggitt

Oblivio salvationem Angelis opperitur Oblivion awaits the Angel’s salvation Beautiful, dark, and horrific. You’ll need your A-game for concentration and thinking for this one. Where to start with this one?! I was offered to read this via Rachel’s Random Reads (if you don’t already know of her or her social media, then as an avidContinue reading “The Dark Chorus~Ashley Meggitt”

The Witch Bottle~Tom Fletcher

Disturbing, intriguing, boundless, horrific, interesting, scary and gripping! What a story! What an author! The Witch bottle shows is Daniel, a milk man who carries grief and regret with him like the majority of us carry a face mask and hand gel. Having lost his baby brother at the tender age of five and hisContinue reading “The Witch Bottle~Tom Fletcher”

Lockdown~Peter May

What.A.Book! And such an appropriate read given the current climate in the world. Peter May first started to put together his ideas for a crime novel set amid Bird Flu/H5N1 in 2005. He researched it for many a significant period of time and eventually came up with Lockdown; a murder mystery and crime thriller setContinue reading “Lockdown~Peter May”